February 9, 2017

The Leap Takers

Welcome to The Leap Takers Forum!

Here at The Leap Takers forum you will find like-minded individuals who are are driven to create their own pathways to success and Take The Leap with you!

Collaborate, have discussions, make meetings, and use your strengths to help each other’s weaknesses. This forum is for everyone to benefit, and hopefully long-term relationships will be made.

Let’s change the world people.

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    • Intro to Leap

      Hello crazies!

      This is going to be the forum that changes your life... well, let's hope that it helps in some way right? This is a breif intro of The Leap Takers forum. If your little heart desires, you can introduce yourself in this Forum! Tell me a little about yourself; name, background, your passions, desires, fears, etc.. Don't write your damn autobiography here.. just a small sample size of yourself and get to know the other like-minded individuals within our community.
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    • Networking: Exercise and Nutritional Forum

      Leap Takers!

      I want every Leap Taker who has concerns, questions, or knowledge they want to share regarding exercising and nutritional information within this forum. For Example: If you have a background or knowledge regarding a specific diet such as a Ketogenic Diet you could share potential benefits and disadvantages of that diet here. I don't want anyone having a pissing contest over which diet or exercise is the best; everyone is different and what may be perfect for you could be terrible for your fellow Leap Taker. That being said, let's have fun and enlighten each other.
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    • Networking: Technical Concerns

      Okay Leap Takers:

      This is the forum that you guys should post your concerns, questions, and your areas of expertise regarding technical issues. For Example: If you're working on a website and have an issue on a specific portion of that website, don't be afraid to ask a fellow Leap Taker for assistance. If you see someone else on here that you notice needs help with something you're great at, don't hesitate to help! I can't stress the importance and benefits of giving; helping someone out now can greatly benefit yourself in the future.
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