February 6, 2017

About Leap

What the Hell is Leap About?

Leap is about providing Leap Takers with a place where they can collaborate, network and improve. I encourage everyone who’s fortunate enough to find my website to read my posts and see if they relate. Leap is not for the traditional, 9-5 employee who is comfortable with their job. Leap is for individuals who want to get out of their comfort zone; someone willing to take the leap and accomplish their dreams.

Leap provides information regarding life experiences, nutritional information, exercise routines, and the importance combining the three for optimal results. I strongly believe in the importance of having a healthy mind, body, spirit, and conscious. I want to provide information and tools to help other driven individuals’ with their journeys; as well as improving their chances of success.

What Leap is about is educating and expressing that with a driven work ethic, the correct mindset, and a passion you can make a career out of virtually anything. Leap provides information for multiple avenues for growth and also helps individuals put themselves in the best position for success.

If you’re on board with this mindset and are determined to take the Leap I encourage you to subscribe to my newsletter and join The Leap Takers journey.

Where should you start?

Now that you have an idea of what Leap is I encourage everyone to read my first post that illustrates a small story of me and how I got to this point in my life. Don’t worry, it isn’t a poor me sob story (well, you can be the judge). The post is to show everyone that nothing is impossible and changes in life can happen if you’re willing to put the work in. Also please feel free to subscribe to the Newsletter! I provide exclusive Q/A’s for any concerns as well as other quick tips weekly.

Now, since the introduction has finished, let’s develop relationships, experiences and memories together and have an impact on the world.


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